Give Yourself Time

You can start by setting aside part of your day to check in on yourself. Time to ask yourself how you’re doing, if you’re on the right path, or if you need a short break to disconnect from the jumble of thoughts piled up in your mind.It’s about giving #yourself time to relax and find peace.When you are tense, worried, forever chasing you...

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Pregnancy Yoga - Dynamic Flow - Dubai Loves Yoga

For those who have practised yoga pre- pregnancy and feel the stamina to continue with a flow. These asanas will bring more oxygen into to the womb and get more blood flowing… Happy mama - happy baby! Even if you’ve been practicing for years, you may find it very helpful to surround yourself with women who are going through the same experienc...

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Pregnancy Yoga - Hip Openers

To help you with the arrival of your baby, these asanas will support and expand the hips, which have already adjusted to help in the delivery. As you get bigger, because your belly is so heavy, anything that takes the pressure off of it is going to feel amazing however, as your pregnancy progresses, your body produces the hormone relaxin, which may...

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Release Back Pain - Pregnancy Yoga

One of the most common complain during pregnancy is pressure on the lower back, as well as sciatica nerve. This video shows a few asanas to release some pressure on the back, which is compensating during the months of the baby’s growth in weight. Often, when your back hurts during pregnancy, it’s because you are not utilizing the stronger mus...

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Evolution has no Purpose

E V O L U T I O N   H A S   N O  P U R P O S E it simply happens. There is no reason to assume that evolution comes with some objective “improvement”. The only thing that is constantly improving is the adaptedness of individuals to a certain environment, to a certain emotion.There is no final cause directing evolutionary ch...

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