26 May 20

AYURVEDA - Do you know what your prevalent DOSHA is?


According to AYURVEDA there are three energies in each individual and normally one of them prevails over the others.

The prevailing energy affects the person's constitution
The three DOSHAs form our constitution (PRAKRTI) and are mostly influenced by nutrition, lifestyle, experiences, and places in which we live and by the passage of time.
The first is VATA, Dosha linked to the element AIR and ETERE (space that contains and where matter exists) which binds to the following characteristics:
-You are always on the move
-You have a slim physique
-Your skin is dry and dry
-You have dry and dull brittle hair
-Your thoughts, words, actions are quick and lively
- Make friends easily
- You prefer the heat
-You are creative and have a lot of enthusiasm
-You struggle to relax
-You tend to have dry throat and chapped lips
- Small and close eyes
- Nose or very small or very large
The second Dosha is linked to the element FIRE and is called PITTA and is linked to the following characteristics:

-Do you have a normal body, neither too fat, nor too thin?
-Your skin is warm and tends to redden
-Your hair is blonde, red or prematurely gray, sparse and thin
-Your complexion is clear and you may also have freckles
- You have a lot of self-discipline and you are always very organized
-You get angry easily and tend to criticize others
-The excessive heat bothers you and you are attracted to cold environments
- You have self-confidence and an entrepreneurial spirit
- You tend to eat a lot, don't skip meals, you're sorry for spicy food
- You are impatient and irritable
- The eyes are medium in size with a penetrating gaze
- The nose is neither too small nor too large
Third and last, KAPHA, Dosha linked to the element EARTH and WATER which binds to the following characteristics:
-You have a robust physical structure
-Your skin is soft and oily
-You have thick and shiny hair
-Your thoughts, words, and actions are calm and stable
-You are very faithful calm and sweet
- Do not love humid environments
- Usually, you sleep long and deeply, but you feel tired when you wake up
- You tend to be lazy and get bored
- Love the convenience and good food
- Big sweet and bright eyes
- Harmonious nose, balanced with facial features
Now, check how many of these features you recognize most for each Dosha and you will be able to delineate your prevailing DOSHA more precisely!!


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