About Us

WorldLovesYoga started out as DubaiLovesYoga, which was the brainchild of two friends connected by a love for yoga.

On a typically hot summer’s day in Dubai, they found themselves discouraged at having to switch from one timetable to another just to find a yoga class. After falling over a few bumps in the road, combined with endless schedule cross-checking and searches, they created the solution – a one-stop hub helping yogis to find the answer to that ‘yoga near me’ query quicker, while also enabling studios to reach those that want to walk through their doors.

Since being founded, DubaiLovesYoga has now become WorldLovesYoga and expanded to Costa Rica, Thailand, Italy and the UK.

That brings us up to the present day. Having created a vibrant community at the fingertips of so many already, we’re ready to connect yogis to the best studios and workshops in the UK – while also giving them the opportunity to rest and recover by finding a retreat that suits their desires.


Meet the Team



Founder & CEO

Ivana is a fashion designer trend researcher who is, as you can imagine, passionate about yoga. Despite years of practice across the globe, she remains humble and eager to learn more. Just like every free and creative spirit, Ivana has one weakness… She dreams too big!

Suzanne Clarke

Suzanne Clarke

Country Manager Italy & United Kingdom

Suzanne is an advertising and digital marketing professional who relies on her yoga to remain healthy, fit and strong. After first discovering the practice when living in Dubai, she has been addicted to it ever since. She is passionate about connecting yogis from all walks of life together into one unified platform – WorldLovesYoga.

Paola Fantinato


Country Manager Italy & Thailand

Paola has 15 years of teaching experience in yoga and gymnastics. She was born in Italy and learned holistic sciences in Thailand. Now based in Dubai, you could very much say that Paola is a world explorer. Her favourite quote is…

"They told me, your dreams will not take you anywhere, and I went everywhere" – J. Musaj.



Country Manager Costa Rica

Karen started as a self-taught yoga instructor, mostly practising at home until 2018 – when she decided to become certified as a yoga teacher following an intensive course at the tropical beach of Santa Teresa. Karen is also a computer scientist and artist, and enjoys doing photography in her spare time.